IT Ministry's big order, said- 'No social media company has any right to...'

Officials of the Ministry of Information and Technology have said that no social media company has any right to violate the constitutional rights of citizens. Officials said among the criminals on Tuesday that digital platforms were acting as intermediaries in reducing content. He has said that the internet should be a safe and reliable platform for users of all platforms.

According to reports, the Central Government has filed an affidavit before the Delhi High Court, in which it has clarified its stand. This is the first time that the Ministry of Information and Technology has taken a stand on the dispute between social media platforms and users. The Centre has submitted the affidavit on a written petition filed by a social media user.

Ministry committed to safe-trusting internet: Where it is said that the Ministry of Information and Technology is committed to ensuring a free, secure, reliable and accountable internet for its citizens. He has said that no arbitrator is going to violate the laws of India and the rights granted to Indian citizens under Article 14 (non-discrimination), Article 19 (Freedom of Expression) and Article 21 (Right to Privacy) of the Constitution.  

'Social media platforms should respect Indian laws': The ministry says no intermediary, whether small or big, Indian or foreign, is going to have the power to infringe on the constitutional and fundamental rights of Indian citizens. Reports say that social media platforms and intermediaries will have to respect all laws. Forums should take action or act on the government's instructions when objectionable content is posted.

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