The loyalty of dogs won hearts! He gave his life to save the 65-year-old owner from the leopard
The loyalty of dogs won hearts! He gave his life to save the 65-year-old owner from the leopard

Dhamtari: Dogs are not only said to be the most loyal animal and the best friend of humans. Once again, two dogs have proved this in Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh. In fact, in the forest of Dhamtari, a leopard attacked the old man, to save both his dogs risked their lives.
The same 65-year-old Shivprasad Netam told that suddenly a leopard attacked him in the forest. After that his two pet dogs Bhuru and Kabru came forward and suddenly started barking at the leopard. While one dog was barking and trying to drive him away, the other dog clashed with the leopard, forcing it to run away. Officials said that the incident took place on Monday when Netam, a resident of Sirkatta village of Magarlod block, along with his two pet dogs had gone to collect Mahua flower in the nearby forest. He said that Netam suffered head and leg injuries in the leopard attack and was undergoing treatment at Hasopital district.

While discussing with the reporters in the same hospital, the old man told that he was picking up the Mahua flowers that had fallen on the ground, when the wild animal attacked him from behind. He said, “While I was struggling to free myself from the claws of the leopard, my pet dog suddenly jumped to save me. Both the dogs simultaneously attacked the leopard and continued to bark, due to which the leopard fled into the forest." Netam, who was injured by the leopard attack, managed to reach his home, after which, the family members and neighbors admitted him to the community health center. There. After first aid, he was referred to the district hospital of Dhamtari city for treatment.

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