Itel A60s Claims to Be India’s First Budget Smartphone With 8GB RAM Under Rs. 7,000
Itel A60s Claims to Be India’s First Budget Smartphone With 8GB RAM Under Rs. 7,000

New Delhi: Itel, a prominent budget smartphone brand in India, has recently unveiled its latest offering, the A60s. Boasting the title of India's first smartphone under Rs. 7,000 with 8GB of RAM, the device seems promising at first glance. However, there is a catch that potential buyers should be aware of.

The A60s utilizes a unique approach to achieve the 8GB RAM specification. In reality, it consists of a combination of 4GB of physical RAM and 4GB of virtual RAM. Virtual RAM is an emerging technology that leverages unused storage space within the phone's internal memory to emulate additional RAM. This implementation aims to enhance the phone's multitasking capabilities, enabling it to handle a greater number of applications simultaneously.

Apart from its RAM configuration, the itel A60s sports a sizable 6.6-inch HD+ display, powered by a Unison SC9863A processor. The device also features a substantial 5000mAh battery and a 13MP rear camera. With a price tag of Rs. 6,999, the A60s aims to provide affordability without compromising on notable specifications. Interested consumers can purchase the smartphone starting from July 1, 2023.

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While the itel A60s appears to be an enticing budget smartphone with commendable specifications, it is crucial to acknowledge the limitations of virtual RAM. Unlike physical RAM, virtual RAM merely creates the illusion of additional memory by utilizing available storage space. Consequently, the A60s may not offer the same level of speed and responsiveness as a device equipped with a full 8GB of physical RAM.

In summary, the itel A60s presents itself as a decent budget smartphone with impressive features. However, prospective buyers should exercise caution and consider the drawbacks of virtual RAM before making a purchase.

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Key Advantages of the itel A60s:

  • Affordable pricing
  • 8GB of RAM (4GB physical + 4GB virtual)
  • Immersive 6.6-inch HD+ display
  • Capable Unisoc SC9863A processor
  • Long-lasting 5000mAh battery
  • 13MP rear camera
  • Key Limitations of the itel A60s
  • Virtual RAM falls short of the performance of physical RAM
  • Absence of a fingerprint sensor
  • Slow charging capability

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All in all, the itel A60s emerges as a commendable budget smartphone with notable features. However, prospective buyers should be mindful of the limitations associated with virtual RAM to make an informed decision.

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