It's time for 'AnkVeer' as Ankita Bhalla proposes Ranveer Singh, publically!

Ranveer Singh broke millions of hearts by tying the knot with the epitome of grace and beauty, Deepika Padukone, at Lake Como in Italy on November 14-15, 2018. However, nothing could deter PeepingMoon’s Managing Editor Ankita Bhalla from confessing her love for him on the stage during The Big Picture’s press launch. The Big Picture marks Ranveer’s debut as a quizmaster. 

On October 6, 2021, a press launch was held in Mumbai and Ankita got the golden chance to propose to her on-screen hero Ranveer and other media personnel turned witnesses. It is a known fact that Ranveer is madly in love with his wife Deepika, the actor quipped, “Teen saal late hai,” as Ankita offered him a bouquet of flowers. When Ankita went down on one knee, Ranveer playfully cribbed, “Mujhe ghar jana hai!”

Remember the time when Ranveer went down on one knee with a bouquet for Deepika during the promotions of Bajirao Mastani? Well, the scene was recreated years later, but with a twist. The Ranveer-Ankita proposal surely reminded us of that romantic moment that made people go ‘aww’. 

Kabhi Deepika, kabhi Ankita! Uff, this love triangle has our heart!

About Ankita Bhalla:

Having grown up in the land of makke di roti te sarso da saag, journalism was unheard of in her part of the world. Fresh out of college, Ankita landed her first professional stint as a sub-editor at the Times of India's Delhi edition newspaper. In addition to the technical know-how, she also learnt the nitty-gritty of print media plus designing and planning a newspaper.

Doing a complete 180 and departing from the traditional media, Ankita caught on with the changing dynamics of the fourth pillar by joining an online entertainment news portal, Pinkvilla, in 2015. Inducted as one of the principal writers, Ankita worked on breaking exclusive entertainment news and following leads on scoops. What can be touted as a major leap in her professional life, Ankita joined PeepingMoon, a start-up entertainment and celebrity news portal, as the Managing Editor in 2017. In present times, she dabbles responsibilities between the editorial, reporting as well as the managerial operations of the English, Hindi and Marathi filing desks of the portal. In addition, she has also hosted a popular talk show titled 'Let’s Talk,' season 2 of the same is ready to hit the web.

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