Jagjit Singh had left singing after this accident
Jagjit Singh had left singing after this accident

A person's mind becomes happy after hearing about other ghazals. And the one who pleases everyone's mind is none other than the Ghazal emperor Jagjit Singh. Jagjit Singh was born on this day i.e. 8 February 1941. Jagjit Singh has sung hundreds of ghazals in his career and each of his ghazals has a different feeling. He knew very well to play with words in his Ghazals. Every word of Jagjit Singh's Ghazal used to settle in the mind of the listener. His ghazals have a huge fan following not only in India but also abroad.

Apart from singing, Jagjit Singh also used to do radio ads. Once while he was recording Radio Ad, he met a girl named Chitra Singh. Chitra found Jagjit Singh's voice heavy, due to which she refused to sing with Jagjit. But within a few days, both of them became good friends and then this friendship gradually turned into love and both of them held each other's hand for life. But after marriage, some such incident happened which made Jagjit completely silent for some time.

This accident is of the year 1990. Jagjit Singh and Chitra had a son, Vivek. His son died in a car accident. Jagjit's heart was so deeply shocked by the death of his son that he suddenly became silent and Jagjit Singh had given up singing for about six months. Not only this, but Chitra was also in such a deep shock due to the death of her son that she gave up singing forever. However, Jagjit Singh emerged again after some time and started singing again.

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