'I will go mentally mad if I'm not married,' Youth reaches police station
'I will go mentally mad if I'm not married,' Youth reaches police station

Jalaun: 'Sir, my family, and relatives are not getting me married, that's why I am going mentally insane, you get me married.' This application is currently under discussion. In fact, a young man reached the inspector in-charge with this application. It is being told that a young man reached Orai Kotwali, and after that, he said something that all the policemen present started laughing. In fact, the young man has pleaded for his marriage while giving an application to the in-charge inspector. He says that he is 30 years old, but the family is not getting him married. After which the inspector in-charge sent him home after giving assurance.

This matter is being reported of Orai Kotwali. In fact, Shahid Shah's son Mithu Orai, a resident of Shekhpur elderly of Jalaun tehsil, had reached here with an application to get married. After that, he gave an application to Inspector Arvind Yadav, additional in-charge of Kotwali, saying that 'I am 30 years old, but I am not married yet. Because of this, I am deprived of the right to live my life. I have been troubled for a long time, but my family and relatives have not yet thought about my marriage, which is why I am mentally disturbed. If I am not married, I will become mentally insane. Get me married soon. if I get married then I will always keep my life partner happy after marriage. I  will always be grateful to the police for getting me married.'

It is being told that as soon as this letter reached Kotwali, everyone was surprised. On the other hand, while reading his application, the additional in-charge inspector of Kotwali made him sit and after listening to his problem, also assured him to get him married. On the other hand, on receipt of the application, the relatives of the young man were called by the police, where they sat and talked. At the same time, it has been told by the relatives that the young man is mentally deranged, due to which he always does this kind of act. It is being told that at present the police sent the young man home after convincing the family members.

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