J&K: RDX and IED bombs filled with nitrate, dropped by GPS drone

Srinagar: A surprise revelation has been made in a drone attack (Drone Attack) on Jammu airbase. According to sources, the Forensic Report (Forensic Report) revealed that IED had RDX and nitrate were dropped by GPS drone. Each IED was one and a half kilos. GPS drones were used in the attack. The military suspects that Chinese drones have been used in the attack.

The NSG's anti-drone has been put on alert at Jammu Air Force Station after forensic reports surfaced. The drone will be dropped from laser technology. Sources say two IED were dropped through two drones at Jammu airbase. One IED was large and was aimed at damaging the airbase's infrastructure. Let us tell you that there were two attacks with drones at Jammu Air Force Station on the night of June 26-27. Although there was no major damage to these attacks, this was the first time that a drone-hit terrorist attack took place in the country. Since then drones have been continuously being seen in Jammu and Kashmir. So far 5 times drones have been viewed.

The drone was recently spotted near Arnia sector on the international border on Friday. The drone was also visible near Kaluchak military station the day after the Jammu airbase attack. In addition, drone activity has also been observed in Kaluchak, Miran Sahib and Kunjwani areas.

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