When a snake found in engine of Delhi-bound Jammu Mail

Aug 22 2019 11:28 AM
When a snake found in engine of Delhi-bound Jammu Mail

There have been instances where snakes appear in a moving car or snakes are seen in the engine in the vehicle, causing the driver to panic suddenly. A similar snake was recently seen wandering near the handle in the train's engine cabin. The loco-pilot was also scared when he saw the snake. The video is going viral on social media. It is this loco-pilot who has shared a picture of the snake that you will be afraid of.

In fact, NDTV journalist Raveesh Kumar posted a picture on Facebook saying: "Anything can come to my WhatsApp at any time. Because of these messages, I get new every morning. This morning a loco-pilot message came. In the video, I see the snake sitting in front of the handle in the engine cabin of Jammu Udhampur Mail. Moving around again. The driver is calling in the control room by stopping the train. What can be done of occasional occurrences? The train was stopped and the snake came out near the handle. What happens if you sit on a moving train with gusts of wind!'" see the photo here.

In addition, he wrote that he would never see the train driver's cabin anyway. In such a large rail service in the cabin should be Air condition. They are driving in the burning heat. The heat of the engine also keeps the cabin blazing. Still amazing is that the driver gives us a safe hand. Make your job fantastic.'"

Not only that, he further said, "The engine doesn't have a toilet." Stopping excreta abandonment for several hours can cause many diseases. The capital's engine doesn't even have toilets. Recently, in the Bombay Division, the local driver stopped the train and started urinating. The public made the video and went viral, but no one could understand what the condition of anyone without a toilet could be. Although there will be no toilets for the public in the local, how bad the condition of these driver brothers in the long-distance train.

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