Here People Are Never Late, know Why!

Aug 06 2019 01:44 PM
Here People Are Never Late, know Why!

Delays happen to everyone and there is a slight delay in reaching wherever they are going. But today we're telling you about a place where no one is late. Today we're going to tell you something like that and there's no question of people arriving late. In fact, the train here is one that doesn't wait for a few seconds and, for some reason, if it gets late then the administration apologizes privately to every passenger.

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The name of this country is Japan, also known as the punctual country. The bullet train here is known as Shinkansen. A bullet train runs every three minutes in Japan. In spite of being the fastest, no accident has happened so far. That's why nobody gets late here. Japan's bullet trains are equipped with modern technology. It is equipped with modern sensors that can detect earthquakes or natural disasters in advance and stop the train on its own if there is such an apprehension.

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Japan's railway discipline is so strong that if the train is delayed for a few seconds, the department apologizes privately to every passenger. Japan's railway department also issues late notes to passengers so that job-goers can explain the reason why their companies are late.

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