Jharkhand Assembly polls: Nitish Kumar not to campaign for BJP rebel Saryu Rai

Chief Minister of Bihar has refused to enter BJP's rebel minister Saryu Rai's election campaign. It is believed that Nitish, a politically well-known politician, has taken this decision very carefully. Nitish, the JDU's national president who is running the government with the BJP in Bihar, is seeing further losses and losses in it. Nitish's decision was seen as an increasing distance from his BJP. Political analysts were finding many implications in this decision. It is known that after the program of the Department of Agriculture in Patna, when the reporters asked Nitish Kumar if you would go for the promotion of Saryu Rai in the Jharkhand Assembly elections, his reply was that there is no need of me.

Saryu has filed nomination from Jamshedpur East: According to the information received, Sarayu Rai has filed nomination from Jamshedpur East leaving his traditional seat Jamshedpur Western after the Bharatiya Janata Party was deducted for the Jharkhand assembly elections. Saryu Rai, who was the food supply minister in the Jharkhand government, has recently resigned from his post.

Indecision in BJP: According to the information received, after taking a beating against Chief Minister Raghuvar Das and resigning from the post of minister, BJP has not yet taken any action against Saryu Rai. However, the party's state president Laxman Gilua recently said that he could be expelled from the party for six years. Last Thursday i.e. the party's national president Amit Shah is scheduled to visit Jharkhand. Perhaps that's why the party wants to avoid any gritty.

Hemant Soren of the Opposition had openly supported: Yudu, let us talk sources that JMM working president Hemant Soren had said to support him openly after the announcement of ticket being dropped from BJP and contesting against the Chief Minister. He also asked opposition parties to support Saryu. Hemant called Saryu a leader who raised his voice against corruption. On the other hand, Saryu Rai also called Hemant the future leader of Jharkhand.

Sudesh had said his support for clarifying the stance: It is believed that BJP's ally Ajsu is also keeping an eye on the activities of Saryu Rai. On the question of supporting Saryu Rai, the party chief Sudesh Mahato has said that Saryu Rai should clarify his stand first, only then should think about supporting him.

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