17 years old girl died in hospital due to abortion

May 20 2020 04:40 PM
17 years old girl died in hospital due to abortion

Srikakulam: Recently, a case of crime has come up from Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. Where a person first had a relationship with her sister-in-law, but when she became pregnant, he got her aborted. The girl died due to abortion.

According to the report, the mother of the deceased girl said in the complaint that "Kiran Mandal resident Kolkata and came to his village last January. During this time, the girl's mother reprimanded her after seeing the rising sexual relations between her son-in-law Kiran and her younger daughter. A few days later, Kiran left for Kolkata. Meanwhile, the daughter's body began to change, which the mother suspected when she saw it, reprimanded her. On this, the girl told about getting pregnant after having a physical relationship with brother-in-law Kiran. Further, the girl's mother said, when she called her son-in-law Kiran and asked about this, the son-in-law said that 'because of the lockdown, it is difficult to come to her village at the moment, he will send the money.'

The mother got the daughter aborted in a private hospital, but after the victim was taken to the doctor when she was suffering from severe bleeding and abdominal pain, the doctors referred her to Rims Hospital but she died. Now the mother of the deceased girl told the police that according to doctors, her daughter died. In this case, police have initiated action by registering a case against Kiran, the son-in-law of the woman and the woman doctor who did the abortion.

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