Jeetendra has not eaten a grain of rice for 25 years, know why...?
Jeetendra has not eaten a grain of rice for 25 years, know why...?

Today is the birthday of Bollywood veteran actor Jitendra. On this special occasion, many Bollywood stars, including fans, are seen wishing him. Jitendra has spread his acting skills in many superhit movies. Even today, Jitendra looks as handsome as before. It is known that Bollywood star Jitendra Kumar also takes special care of his fitness. This is the reason why Jitendra's face is shining even today. Jitendra's special friend, Shakti Kapoor, has made a disclosure in which he has also said such things about Jitendra, knowing that you will also be shocked.

Shakti Kapoor said this about Jitendra: Shakti Kapoor has a special conversation with the media about Jitendra. Meanwhile, Shakti Kapoor has also talked about Jitendra's fitness. He has spoken about this, saying that at that time not all people took special care of their health, but Jitendra takes great care of his fitness. He was older than me, and I have a lot to learn from him. Jitendra once told Shakti Kapoor that he had not eaten rice for the last 25 years.

This thing is about 40 years old. Jitendra Kumar used to get up every morning at 5:30 and walk. After an hour's exercise, he comes and sleeps for half an hour, reaching the set time of 9 a.m. But I never saw him take advantage of his stardom.

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