Jiutia fast on 21 and 22 September, know about it

Sep 12 2019 09:31 PM
Jiutia fast on 21 and 22 September, know about it

Women observes Ashwin Krishna Paksha Ashtami fasting for Jiutia (Jemutavahana) for the long life of children. This year this festival will be celebrated on 21 and 22 September this time.

In such a fast, the fast is Nirjala and foodless during this 33-hour fast. It is said that this fast has special significance in Sanatan religions and on the 20th of September, the day before this fast, women take a bath. At the same time, after bathing in the holy rivers including the Ganges, there is a need to eat Madua Roti, Noni Saag, Kanda.

According to astrologers, this time on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September, you can keep a fast of Jiutia. With this, Ashtami of Ashwin Krishna Paksha is full day on 21 and afternoon of 22nd September at three o'clock and after long Jiutia fast is more than 24 hours. On Sunday, 22 September, women will observe a fast at three in the afternoon. At the same time, bathing, food and Pitra Puja will begin with the fasting of Jiutiya fast on Pitrupaksha, the fasting women will take bath on Ashwin Krishna Saptami Friday and begin this Mahavrat with the worship of ancestors. Along with this, there will be a gathering of women and their families on the Ganga Ghats of the capital, and will take food after bathing and then worship the ancestors.

According to astrologers, "For the sake of the child, the people eat the Marua Roti and Noni Saag, because the Usar and Noni Saag also grow in the land. While doing so, their children are protected under any circumstances.

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