Joe Biden revokes Trump proposal to time-limit student visas

U.S President Joe Biden's admin has announced it is cancelling a proposal by his predecessor Donald Trump to limit student visas to a 4-year term for scholars from India and most other countries.

Right from his taking charge office, US President Joe Biden has been reversing or revoking a number of the Trump administration’s immigration-related policies and proposals. Last September, the Trump administration proposed adding fixed terms to US student visas when they are issued.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published the decision on Tuesday and said that it would also drop the proposed limits on visa for journalists. It also said that it had received about 32,000 public comments, of which 99 percent were critical of the proposal made by the Trump admin last September and, hence, it was withdrawing the proposed changes. If the changes had gone through, they would have had to apply to the Citizenship and Immigration Service for extensions or leave the country and apply to the Customs and Border Protection agency for readmission. The Trump administration proposal would have further reduced the limits on student visas to two years for certain countries a large number of whose citizens were overstaying their visas


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