Joe Biden says first step to beat corona is defeating Donald Trump
Joe Biden says first step to beat corona is defeating Donald Trump

The democratic challenger of Republic Donald Trump has said the President Donald Trump's electoral defeat is the first step to win against the coronavirus that made a devastating impact on the US. Biden in his closing argument made at the city of Pittsburgh, told his countrymen to defeat Trump as he has failed to deliver in the last four years. 

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"The first step to beating the virus is defeating Donald Trump," Biden said in his second address of the day at the Pittsburgh city. Pre-casting registered votes of 10 crore Americans and millions more to exercise their franchise on Tuesday, the former vice president urged people to get out and vote in large numbers. "My message is simple. The power to change this country is in your hands. And I do not care how hard Donald Trump tries, there is nothing he can do to stop the people of this nation from voting, no matter how he tries," Biden said.

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With a drive-in rally, Biden closed the day at Pittsburgh from where he launched the electoral campaign 18 months ago. The closing message said, this election is a battle for "the soul of our nation" and that he is the leader the "country needs to recover from the pandemic and build back better than before". 

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