America's presidential election is going to be 'Most Expensive' election

Oct 29 2020 03:36 PM
America's presidential election is going to be 'Most Expensive' election

Washington: The 2020 presidential election in the US is going to be recorded as the most expensive election in US history. This election has been estimated to cost twice as much as the previous presidential election. This time around $ 14 billion is expected to be spent. The research group 'The Center for Responsive Politics' said that the last month before voting has increased the political funding significantly and due to this the $ 11 billion estimated to have been spent in this election has been left behind.

The research group said that the 2020 election could cost $ 14 billion, breaking all previous records of election spending. According to the group, Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden will be the first candidate in American history to receive $ 1 billion from donors. Biden's campaign has received $ 938 million as of October 14, increasing his eagerness for Democrats to defeat Republican Trump candidate Donald Trump. Trump has received $ 596 million in the name of election campaigning from donors.

The research group said, "Even after the epidemic, everyone is donating more money in the 2020 election, whether it is ordinary people or billionaires." The group said in a statement that this time the women have broken the donation record.

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