'Join the team of Love Jihad', why did Mukesh Khanna get angry on Naseeruddin Shah?

Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah has been in the news for the past few days with his candid rhetoric. He had given his side of the situation of Muslims in the country some time ago. He said that targeting Muslims has become a fashion nowadays. Now Mukesh Khanna has taken a dig at his statement. Mukesh Khanna says he is a great actor but has become very fanatical. They don't know what has happened to Naseeruddin. Mukesh Khanna mentioned the Sakshi murder case where he was murdered. He also mentioned 'love jihad'.  

On his Instagram page, Mukesh Khanna wrote, 'A great actor can say such a lousy and childish thing? I came to know this by watching Naseeruddin Shah. Muslims are not safe in India? Even after the horrific incident of sakshi, Shraddha, Ankita incident, vandalism of Kanpur Hanuman temple and the brutal incident of cutting the neck of a tailor in broad daylight, you still have the audacity to say that Muslims are not safe in our country. If no one is safe, then they are 100 crore Hindus. You have become a fanatic who doesn't suit an actor. If so, join the gang promoting the team of Love Jihad. You have to think otherwise people will stop watching your films. May God give you wisdom. '

In 2018, Naseeruddin Shah had said that he feels scared when his children walk on the street and are asked about religion. Mukesh Khanna says  on his YouTube video, 'There is a need to think with an open mind about who is not safe in this country. Muslims are the safest in the world. If they are afraid of outside the country. They created fear by staying inside, in the name of love jihad. There were not one or two but 10 cases. If you look honestly, you'll know. The way previous parties gave security to Muslims in this country, even in the name of votes, is indescribable. Don't say you're in a country where you're not safe. Correct your statement.'

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