24-year-old 'Muscle Barbie' giving bodybuilding goals
24-year-old 'Muscle Barbie' giving bodybuilding goals

Gyms are closed due to Coronavirus. But those who want to do workouts must be working hard even at home. Some have transformed the roof of the house into a gym, while many are seen doing workouts in gardens. Recently a powerlifter is becoming quite viral on social media. This powerlifter is from Russia. Her name is Julia Vince. You may have heard her name before. Many people are shocked by seeing her.

24-year-old Julia remains very active on social media. She is followed by more than 9 lakh people on Instagram, where she often shares her workout videos and photos. After seeing her Insta account, people will say that she is no less than a star. Julia is a lady powerlifter who is influencing many people.

Powerlifter Julia was born in Russia in 1996. It has been 8 years since she started bodybuilding. Apart from this, she has been a world record holder in the squat and bench press. People also call her Muscle Barbie. Julia posted a picture and wrote another photo after the workout. The gyms are still closed due to Corona. So people have to take care of their body by staying at home.





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