Kajari Teej is on August 6, Know its method of worship
Kajari Teej is on August 6, Know its method of worship

There is only a short time left for the festival of Kajari Teej. This festival celebrates the Tritiya of Krishna Paksha in Bhadrapada. Kajari Teej is also called Kajali Teej. It is also called Budhhi Teej or Saturi Teej. This festival is celebrated in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Bihar. This time the festival of Kajari Teej is going to be celebrated on Thursday, August 6th.

Auspicious time for Kajari Teej

Tritiya starts - On August 5 from 10 to 52 minutes

Tritiya ends - 12 August 16 at 7 pm

Importance of Kajari Teej - The festival of Kajari Teej is considered to be the main festival of married women. On this day, married women observe fast for the long life and happiness of their husbands. It is believed that on this day Goddess Parvati received Lord Shiva with her harsh penance. It is said that on this day, worshiping Lord Shiva and Parvati jointly is beneficial. If a bachelor girl does this, she gets good groom. married women always get the blessing of being fortunate.

Method to worship - First of all, offer water, roli, and rice to Goddess Neemadi on this day. Apply rosemary and roli to Goddess Neemadi. After offering mauli to Goddess Neemadi, offer mehndi, kajal, and clothes. After this, offer fruits and Dakshina and apply Roli on the Kalash of Puja and tie a thread (Lachha). Now light a big lamp of ghee at the place of worship and start chanting the mantras of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. After this, donate the items of honey to a married lady, and get their blessings.

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