On Kalaashtami, chant these mantras, the benefits will be the same.
On Kalaashtami, chant these mantras, the benefits will be the same.

In Hinduism, Kaal Bhairav is considered as Lord Rudra, Lord Shankar. It is believed that the special measures taken on the day of Kalaashtami are definitely proved and this time the day is being celebrated tomorrow, 25th June. In such a case, a person who worships Kaal Bhairav's Batuk Bhairav, Mahakal Bhairav and Swarnakaran Bhairav fulfil all his wishes.

It is said that the worship of Batuk Bhairav is more prevalent in all forms of Bhairav and it is believed that even on this day the dog should eat enough food and he should not be mistreated. It is said that on this day, Bhairavnath is happy to enjoy the sweets made from Chana Chironji, Pede, Kali Urad and Urad, Yoghurt, Imarti, Milk and Mewa.

Tell all of you that the three letters of the word Bhairav contain the power of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, and Bhairav is considered to be the follower of Shiva's Gana and Parvati. On the other hand, visiting the temple on the day of Kaal Bhairavashtami yields full fruit and his favourite items can be donated to dishes made of black sesame, urad, lemon, coconut, Acoua's floral, bitter oil, fragrant incense, wine, bitter oil.

They are said to have enjoyed jalebi and fried papads or urad dumplings to overcome every crisis of life and lead a happy life. At the same time, you should chant these mantras in their worship because these mantras make them happy.



1. 'om kaalabhairavaay namah'
2. 'om bhayaharanan ch bhairav'

3. 'om bhraan kaalabhairavaay phat'

4. 'aay hreen batukaay aapadoortaay kuroo kuroo batukaay hreen'

5. 'om han shan nan tan kan san khan mahaakaal bhairavaay namah

By chanting these mantras, you can make everything possible. 

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