Kalki Koechlin shares experiences of becoming a mother

May 08 2021 11:08 AM
Kalki Koechlin shares experiences of becoming a mother

Kalki Kekala is an actress who speaks openly. You all must know that she gave birth to a daughter on 7th February last year. In fact, she is not yet married, but she is the mother of her boyfriend Guy Herschberg's child. Kalki recalled her pregnancy and spoke in an interview. She said that these days she is spending most of her time reading. At the same time, she will soon enter the world of books as a writer and share her experiences of becoming a mother.



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Talking to a well-known website at the moment, She said, "I don't see it as a memorable memoir in my life, but it's a small new beginning. I wrote it because I saw very few people who talk about pregnancy and the difficulties of becoming a mother. We only hear that it is a very pleasant experience. Certainly it is so but one has to see physical and mental changes as well. People think that if you share your bitter experiences of being a mother, it turns you away from your child". She also said, "It started when I was in a bad shape due to vomiting. Suddenly, as if I had lost all my energy. Nothing could think properly or work. I was irritated with my body because it was always quite tiring. I was not able to work to my full potential".

She further said, "I was going through postpartum depression. And it should not be called as a great exhaustion. If a person wakes up every two hours, stays awake every night and all day, he develops depression. Lack of sleep is in the form of a torture. People don't talk about how difficult it is. Sometimes I felt lonely. We were in lockdown and we could not meet people. So I don't know if it's normal. Does every woman go through it? If every woman goes through it, why doesn't she talk about it? I was severely deficient in iron. My therapist and gynecologist helped. It is important that people know that it happens often and more than that it is to accept it". Talking about workfront of her ,Kalki is away from Bollywood these days and is starting writing books.

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