Kamal Nath government announces big for Madhya Pradesh electricity consumers

Aug 20 2019 10:43 AM
Kamal Nath government announces big for Madhya Pradesh electricity consumers

Bhopal: Taking inspiration from the Kejriwal government's decision to free up to 200 units of electricity in Delhi, the Kamal Nath government in Madhya Pradesh has announced relief to power consumers. Though electricity has not been freed like Delhi in Madhya Pradesh, the Madhya Pradesh government has sealed a proposal to pay Rs 100 bill on the consumption of the initial 100 units, giving a big relief to the power consumers of the state.

The resolution has been passed at a cabinet meeting of the Kamal Nath government on Monday. Under this scheme, eligible and registered consumers will be billed a maximum of Rs.100 on consumption up to 100 units i.e. if a consumer uses electricity above 100 units in a month but up to the eligibility unit, he will only pay Rs.100 for the first 100 units on consumption. will repay.

This will also include meter fares and electricity charges. The bill will be payable as per the rate prescribed in the tariff order issued by the MP Electricity Regulatory Commission for a total of Rs.100 and above. According to The Kamal Nath government's Energy Minister Priyavrat Singh, the scheme will benefit about 1.22 crore domestic consumers in Madhya Pradesh. On the other hand, it will put a financial burden of Rs 2,666 crore on the state government.

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