Kamal Nath Government Enacts Water Rights Act, Will Spend Rs 1000 Cr
Kamal Nath Government Enacts Water Rights Act, Will Spend Rs 1000 Cr

Bhopal: A large part of Madhya Pradesh is facing water crisis every year and people have to travel several km in search of water. In order to get rid of these situations, the state government is going to enact a 'Right to Water' law. This will give everyone the right to get drinking water. For this, the government has earmarked Rs 1,000 crore in the budget this year.

The water crisis deepens every year in the state. Considering this year's situation, 35 out of 52 districts in the state are reeling under water crisis. There is no water left in ponds, wells and other water structures. Non-availability of water is a major problem in urban and rural areas. This causes people to travel several miles a long way, including wasting several hours to arrange water.

Statistics show that this year, there were 4,000 villages in the state where people had to face water shortages. The same was the case with urban areas. In the month of June, there were 146 municipal bodies in the state where water supply was not being supplied on a regular scale. Out of 378 urban areas in the state, 32 urban bodies were transported by tankers, 96 in urban areas, one day, 28 for two days and one urban body with a gap of three days.


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