Kanhaiya Kwatra And PawanSachan: Professional Digital Marketing Experts Make It To The Top

Gone are the days of a sole proprietorship, digital marketing is actually gaining new ground with the increasing trends. This young generation is quite interested in Internet and Internet marketing along with digital marketing because of the emerging globalisation. The future of this nation lies in the hands of these young entrepreneurs digital marketers and businessmen who are going to carry out the good work. KanhaiyaKwatra and PawanSachan are two such experts who have managed to reach a position in the digital world where they are celebrated and admired. Frankly putting it forward, not every Entrepreneur has the required skills to be a good or reliable digital marketer. These two young men have surprisingly made it to the list of people who are genuine experts.

We live in an era where we get to see new people on the internet every day, they keep coming up and the list is in fact never-ending. However, Kanhaiya Kwatra And Pawan Sachan are different. They are not only one of the best marketers, but also the founder of the news blog Digihunt.They started working on it almost more than two years ago and as soon as they were done with the blog, it gained more than 5,000,000 followers. They met on Facebook and immediately hit it off since both of them were very goal-oriented and hard working. It is not actually easy to run a blog because you need to provide with a variety of content to the people who look up to it. Therefore user data is important along with the skills required for proper digital marketing. beginning from running the social media accounts, posting things and campaigns, both of them have worked a lot and put a great detail into it.

KanhaiyaKwatra is from Saharanpur, currently a 24-year-old, in Uttar Pradesh. PawanSachan, on the other hand, is from Kanpur, that too in Uttar Pradesh. Mr Kwatrahas a BCA, along with a keen interest in Digital Marketing. Mr Sachan too is well qualified with a B.Tech degree, and is also interested in web designing apart from digital marketing. At the moment they have around 10 other people employed who work for them as content writers, advisors, and some other extra digital marketing related work. Since there is a lot of workload because of the blog, they really need this extra help from the people whom they themselves have trained to perfection.

This is one of the best duos to exist, because their talents combined, they can achieve anything. When they began with their project in 2018, they knew very little about digital marketing. They did not back down and learned all that there was about it. Hence proving that efforts and plans actually come true once they are truly applied.

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