Little guest arrives at Harshdeep Kaur's house, shares post

The New Year has also brought a lot of happiness for some Bollywood stars. Recently, Kareena Kapoor has given birth to a son. Now the good news is coming from singer Harshdeep Kaur's house. Harshdeep welcomes her cute munchkin. She was eagerly awaiting the birth of her first baby and finally, the day has come. On Tuesday, Harshdeep has given birth to a son. She has reported this by sharing the post on social media.


A post shared by Harshdeep Kaur (@harshdeepkaurmusic)

Harshdeep Kaur shared a photo of her pregnancy days with her husband. It is written in this picture. It's a boy 02-03-21. She shared the picture and wrote: Heaven has come down to earth and has made us mummy-daddy. Our junior lion has arrived and we are very happy. On this post of Harshdeep, Bollywood stars have started wishing him. His friends are very happy after knowing this good news.

Harshdeep while discussing his pregnancy had told, yes, I am nearing my delivery and after a month I will become a mother. My husband Mankit and I are very personal people. We have not had the opportunity to go out much due to the corona last year. So this is also the reason that no one came to know about my pregnancy. We had no reason to keep this news a secret. Now we happily announce that baby is going to come to our house soon.

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