Kanhaiyalal's killer was about to join BJP, shocking revelations in investigation

Udaipur: The murder of tailor Kanhaiyalal of Udaipur was carried out in a very planned manner. It was only when Pakistani handlers Salman Haider and Abu Ibrahim spoke that Mohammad Riaz Attari became an activist of the BJP Minority Morcha so that he could get inside information.

The source in the probe agency said that Mohammad Riaz Attari had been trying to reach out to senior leaders of the party through the BJP's minority front for 3 years. Salman had asked him to go to BJP meetings and send information from there. The plan was that by joining the BJP, Riyaz would win the trust of the big leaders and then do a big scandal, which would create an uproar in the country.

According to reports received from investigating agencies, Riyaz had also linked a lot of people around him to the party to win the trust of BJP Minority Morcha leaders. He was doing all this on the instructions he had received from his Pakistani handler Salman. But it was not getting much success, as the BJP did not invite minority front leaders to big meetings. Was there any preparation for an attack on a senior BJP leader? Now, the agencies are investigating it also.  

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