'Sell bananas, set up egg shop, don't play cricket..,' Why Kapil Dev lashed out at cricketers?
'Sell bananas, set up egg shop, don't play cricket..,' Why Kapil Dev lashed out at cricketers?

New Delhi: Kapil Dev, who was the captain of the 1983 world-winning team India, has lashed out at the players who cry under pressure. He has said that the players who cannot bear the pressure should set up a banana and egg shop. No one has forced these players to play cricket. Kapil Dev said these things during a program in Kolkata. The legendary all-rounder said that players should enjoy the game. A player should take pride in representing the country and not feel pressured. 

Kapil Dev said that I have heard that nowadays players are under pressure due to playing IPL. Pressure is a very general term. In such a situation, I would like to say to the players who feel pressure, they should not play cricket. No one is forcing him to play cricket. When you play cricket at the world level, there will be pressure and competition. You will be praised as well as criticized. If you can't stand the criticism, don't play. Kapil Dev further said that pressure is an American word. If you don't want to do something, don't do it. No one is forcing you, go and set up a banana shop, and sell eggs. You have got a chance, so why are you taking it as pressure? Kapil said that in a country with more than 100 crore population, you have got a chance to represent the nation and you are under pressure. How is this possible? Players who got a chance to play in Team India should consider themselves lucky because they are getting a lot of love from people. Not everyone gets this opportunity.

Let us tell you that many players including former Team India captain Virat Kohli had given statements regarding their mental health in recent times. Kohli had said in an interview that at one point of time he was feeling mentally weak. He had said that he felt lonely even in a room full of people. Kohli had also taken a break from cricket for a few days before the Asia Cup. Although Kohli's performance has improved after his return from the break, but in recent times Team India has been easily defeated in big matches. Team India's performance in the recently concluded T20 World Cup after the Asia Cup was tolerable. The team which was considered the contender for the title could not even reach the finals. After this Indian cricketers have to face a lot of criticism. Also, questions are being raised about the players taking rest from the series.

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