Karimnagar Police successfully solved murder mystery of a women, detained accuse

Mar 27 2021 05:08 PM
Karimnagar Police successfully solved murder mystery of a women, detained accuse

Telangana : Karimnagar Police get success in solving the murder mystery of a woman. Let us share the incident, on March 23 morning the body of the woman was found in the drainage behind the bus stop of the district court. After that everyone was shocked about the Murder and its became like mystery for police also, But after keenly tracking footage from close-circuit television (CCTV) cameras the Karimnagar police crack the mystery behind the murder of a woman and arrest the accused involved in the crime.

In this murder mystery, The Karimnagar police has interrogate surrounding people as well but none of the clue can be drawn. At some point it seems like that this case be end as mystery but after some time Police began investigations studying the CCTV footage and managed to establish the identity of the murdered woman as that of Asadi Kavitha (45) and the accused as Asadi Kamalakar (56), her husband.

It came to light that Kamalakar had strangulated Kavitha with a ‘chunni’ after an argument while she was sitting on the bench of the bus stop at around 5 am on March 23 and dumped the body in a drainage. He then boarded an RTC bus to Luxettipet of Mancherial district. The accused husband was in  Luxettipet, he spent three days in a nearby forest and returned on Friday to Karimnagar to meet his sister. Police, who all along were tracking his movements detained him.

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