Karnataka Cops take custody of Naxal woman leader arrested by Kerala police

Karnataka police arrested Naxal leader Savithri on Saturday and held her in prison until April 8. The authorities brought Savithri before the Judicial Magistrate of First Class (JMFC) court in Sringeri town, and the court handed her over to the police.

Savithri, a Naxalite from Kalasa in Chikmagalur district, has been active since 2001. She was arrested in connection with many cases. Kerala police detained her together with another Naxal commander, B.G. Krishnamurthy.

Since then, both have been held in judicial custody in prison. Savithri, also known as Rejitha, was the Commander of the CPI's Kabani Dalam (Maoist). Savithri was the wife of Vikram Gowda, a Maoist leader who is also a member of the Kadani Dalam. They worked in the Wayanad-Kozhikode area. She and her spouse had divorced.

The arrests of Savithri and Krishnamurthy were seen as a major bargaining chip for the cops. BGK, as Krishnamurthy is known among Naxals, was appointed to the party's central committee. BGK is from Sringeri, in the Chikkamagaluru area, and police believe he is facing more than 50 counts.

The arrests have been hailed as a major setback for the Maoist movement in India's south. On November 9, 2021, the Kerala police apprehended them. Karnataka police have issued a warrant for both of them in connection with a number of naxal-related incidents.

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