Where did the freedom of expression go? Harsha stabbed to death for writing anti-hijab post

Bangalore: Amid the ongoing hijab controversy in Karnataka, 26-year-old Bajrang Dal activist Harsha has been murdered in the Shivamogga area there. The incident took place on Sunday (February 20, 2022) at around 9 pm. A heavy police force has been deployed in view of the tension in the area. According to information, after the killing of Harsha with knives in Shivamogga, the miscreants also vandalised vehicles at several places in the area. The vehicles were set on fire, which was later called by the fire brigade.  

The police have imposed 144 in the area to control the situation. Monday's holiday has also been declared in colleges. Meanwhile, police have started an investigation into Harsha's murder case. Investigations so far have revealed that Harsha had recently written a post on her Facebook profile against the hijab and in support of the saffron shawl. In some media reports, Harsha's Facebook post is being cited as the reason behind her murder.  

Since the hijab controversy has started in the state, since then, everywhere the Bajrang Dal has been raising its voice against the hijab in schools and colleges. The police have not reacted to the connection between Harsha's social media posts and her murder. However, due to the tense atmosphere created in the state in the past, it seems that the reason is the post written by Harsha. If that is the case, then it is a serious question for the whole country that, when people can take out rallies in support of the hijab, they can hold demonstrations, then the Constitution gives the right to those opposing the hijab to have their say, but who gave the right to the fanatics to kill someone who opposes the hijab? 

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