Unbecoming of our women to sleep after being ravished: Karnataka HC grants bail to rape accused

Jun 26 2020 01:01 PM
Unbecoming of our women to sleep after being ravished: Karnataka HC grants bail to rape accused

The case of crime that has come up recently will shock you. While giving anticipatory bail to an accused in this case, the Karnataka High Court doubted the genuineness of the complainant's case. In this case, the court said that an Indian woman would hardly say that she slept tired after the incident. In fact, in this case, the court found that, given the circumstances of the case, it is now difficult for him to believe that the complainant was raped by making a false promise of marriage.

Let us tell you that the court also took cognizance that the complainant was his employee here for two years. Speaking in the case, Justice Krishna S. Dixit said, "The complainant did not mention anything about why she went to the office at eleven o'clock, why she did not object to drinking alcohol with the petitioner and why did she leave him with her till morning." In addition, Justice Dixit said, "The complainant's statement that she slept tired after this act is unsuitable for any Indian woman." Actually the court said, ""This is not the way our women react when they are ravished. "Apart from this, the court said that" the allegations of rape, cheating and threatening against the petitioner are really serious but the sole severity of denying a citizen freedom There cannot be any basis when there is no prima facie case from the police.

Simultaneously, the court also took cognizance of the alleged letter of the complainant that if the agreement is reached, she will withdraw her complaint. Regarding the case, the court said, "The complainant did not say anything about why the petitioner was forcing her to have sexual intimacy as to why she did not contact the court as soon as possible." Gave bail to person with conditions.

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