Demand for law to declare match fixing a crime in India
Demand for law to declare match fixing a crime in India

A senior official of the International Cricket Council's (ICC) Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) believes that declaring match-fixing in India a crime would be the 'most effective step' in a country where there is no 'stringent law', even with police hands tied ' Huh. Legal experts have been advocating for years to declare match fixing a crime in India as the hands of the concerned officials are bound by law while investigating corrupt activities in cricket. ICC ACU investigative coordinator Steve Richardson told ESPNcricinfo, "There is no law right now." We have good relations with the Indian Police but they too have their hands tied. "He said," We will do everything possible to thwart the efforts of the corrupt and we do not let them operate freely and keep their lives as free as possible. ''

Richardson said, "But with the enactment of law in India, the whole situation will change." Right now we are investigating about 50 cases and most of them are related to India. "He said," If India makes laws regarding match fixing, then it will be the most effective step in terms of securing the game. "India has to host two ICC competitions in the next three years and Richardson urged the Indian government to enact a law on match-fixing, as did its neighbor Sri Lanka, which declared corrupt activities a crime in 2019." South Asia has become the first country.

"ICC will host two T20 World Cups (2021) and ODI World Cup (2023) in India," he said. Richardson and Cricket Board of India (BCCI) ACU chief Ajit Singh were part of a panel discussion. The subject of which was' Does match fixing in India need to be declared a crime? Richardson said that by enacting such a law, instead of sportspersons, those corrupt people who are roaming free will be stopped. He said, "I can hand over the names of at least eight people to the Indian Police or the Government of India, who continue to commit crimes and constantly try to contact the players to fix the match." Indian Police Service Former officer of Ajit Singh also admitted that there is no proper law for match fixing. He said, "These are the people whom I would like their investigation to be under the match fixing law." ''

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