Corpse found in maize field, investigation underway

Jun 25 2020 02:35 PM
Corpse found in maize field, investigation underway

In a new shocking case, a mutilated body of a young man was found in Maldah on Wednesday morning. According to the information received in this case, the identity of the deceased has not been identified.

According to reports, in this case it is also being told that in the morning local people saw the dead body of the young man in a corn field and informed the police, after which the police reached the spot and took the body in his possession and Shipped for postmortem. Sources connected with the police in this case say that the dead body of the body was severed and there was a mark of cut on his neck as well.

Simultaneously, in this case, the police say that their presumption is that the young man has been killed by slitting his throat after cutting his hands and feet. Now the police has started investigating this matter. This case cannot be called the first such case, but even before this, such cases have come to the fore which have shocked everyone.

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