Couple eats posion after dipute over cooking non-veg food

Jun 25 2020 01:14 PM
Couple eats posion after dipute over cooking non-veg food

The crime case that has come up recently is from Lakhimpur district. Where a young couple committed suicide only 15 days after their marriage after a quarrel over cooking meat. In fact, in this case, it has been told that the wife died during treatment on Tuesday, along with her husband's condition is still being told. This incident is being told of last Monday. This matter is from Isanagar area.

Where the 22-year-old Guru Dayal resided was married to 19-year-old Reshma on 12 June. In this case, it is being told that the vegetarian Reshma objected to making meat in her husband's kitchen, but the quarrel increased due to the refusal of her husband. Later in the night, the two allegedly ate some poisonous substance. Station House officer Sunil Singh of Isanagar police station said, "The couple attempted suicide after a fight over cooking non-veg in the kitchen."

The wife died during treatment and the husband's condition is critical. So far we have not been able to record the statement. No FIR has been filed in the case. "In this case, it has also come to light that even before this incident, a 26-year-old man in the same district had committed suicide after a dispute with his wife. Avadhesh Awasthi had come with his wife Anshu to his in-laws in Deoria village of Lakhimpur on Sunday and allegedly after consuming a fight with wife on Monday night, Avadhesh consumed poison and died during treatment. The family has not filed any complaint yet.

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