65-year-old lawyer shot himself, police investigating

Jun 24 2020 04:20 PM
65-year-old lawyer shot himself, police investigating

Nowadays cases of crime are increasing. The matter which we are going to tell you today is from Kolkata. A lawyer in Dum Dum, West Bengal, shot himself and committed suicide.

This matter is of last Sunday. During that time, at around 4 pm, the lawyer committed suicide in his flat on Mall Road. The lawyer was just 65 years old. When the lawyer committed suicide, his wife and daughter were also present in the house. According to reports, there is an atmosphere of panic in the area after the lawyer commits suicide. Everyone is surprised, why he did this?

Police talked about this case and they said that stress is the reason for the lawyer to commit suicide. He told that he was in depression for the last few days. It has been revealed from the sources that the lawyer has shot himself with his license gun. Police is now investigating why the lawyer kept a gun with him.

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