Husband commited suicide after death of his wife

Jun 25 2020 01:22 PM
Husband commited suicide after death of his wife

The crime case that has come up recently is from Chandrapur district in Maharashtra. Where a shocking incident has come to light. Here a three-month pregnant woman gave her life by jumping into a well. According to the information received in this case, after the wife's suicide, the inconsolable husband jumped into her burning pyre and some people took him out of the burning pyre, then he jumped into a nearby well and died.

This case is being reported of Bhangaram Talodhi village of Gondpipur tehsil of Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. Everyone is shocked by this incident. Let us tell you that 20 years old Ruchita Chiddawar was married to 25 year old Kishore Khatik of Chandrapur on March 19, just before the lockdown. Kishore was temporarily working in the Driver Training Center at the RTO office of Chandrapur. In this case, Ruchita was pregnant for three months after marriage and she had come to her maternal home four days earlier.

On the same Sunday, Ruchita went out for defecation and even after it was too late, when she did not come, the housemates started searching. In this case, his slippers and some belongings were found near a well outside the village. Now in this case it is also being told that the husband loved the teenage wife Ruchita very much and he could not bear the shock of his wife's death. At the same time, the investigating officer Sandeep Dhobe has also said that he is questioning the people related to this case so that the reason behind the suicide will be found out.

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