Karthika Deepam: Monitha wants to stop Karthik from going to America
Karthika Deepam: Monitha wants to stop Karthik from going to America

Karthika Deepam: Monitha is set to return to Kartik's life as he prepares to move to America with Deepa and daughters, Hima and Soura. Soundarya, Deepa and family will read a news report about Monitha's release from jail. But Deepa is no longer afraid. It has to be seen how Hima and Soura react to Deepa's move.

On the other hand, Monitha is worried that Kartik and Deepa are going to America but cannot go because of their criminal past. She wants to stop Kartik. In the recent episode, Soundarya and Deepa convince Kartik to shift to the US. Kartik reluctantly agrees. Vihari and Tulsi suddenly go to meet Kartik and Deepa. To everyone's dismay, Hima questions Vihari about her relationship with Kartik and Deepa.

For those unaware, Deepa and Vihari share a similar interest in poetry. Deepa liked Vihari's poetry. Monitha, out of jealousy, creates a rift between Kartik and Deepa, believing that she (Deepa) is having an illicit affair with Vihari. Monitha also makes Kartik believe that he is impotent through fabricated certificates. Karthik, who knows the truth after almost a decade, realizes Monitha's dark side. When Monitha confesses her crimes and serves the sentence, Kartik's daughters Hima and Soura learn about Kartik, Deepa and Monitha's dark past.

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