This actor says Jasmin Bhasin 'real life Naagin', supports Rubina
This actor says Jasmin Bhasin 'real life Naagin', supports Rubina

Family Week is currently going on in Bigg Boss 14. You must know, Jasmin Bhasin is also seen in the show at this time. She has come on the show as Aly Gony's connection. After appearing on the show, she is targeting everything from Rubina to Abhinav. The relationship between Jasmin and Rubina has not been good already. In such a situation, when Jasmin is abusing Rubina, fans troll her outside and support Rubina. With the entry into the house, Jasmin has started tightening up on Rubina. From the fans of Rubina to her supporter outside the house, they do not like this thing.


Now a supporter has attacked Jasmin. This supporter is none other than Amit Tandon, the famous TV actor who has targeted Jasmine. Amit has appeared on many TV shows. Recently, Amit Tandon has come forward in support of Rubina and has tweeted several back to back. In his tweet, he has also called Jasmin Naagin. You can see Amit Tandon has said in his tweet, 'Why did Jasmin not understand Rakhi's feelings when her nose hurt and calling it all false and fake. Jasmin has gone inside to get worse.'

Along with this, he also called Jasmin a real-life Naagin. With this, Amit has praised Rubina, saying, 'It will be more difficult for Jasmin to stay in the house now because it will be difficult to express her negativity amid so much negativity.' Rubina's fans are also seen calling Jasmin a serpent, a witch.

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