Bigg Boss 13: Kashmera Shah reacts on rape attempt made on Arti Singh, says 'Would have chased down the man and cut his private part'
Bigg Boss 13:  Kashmera Shah reacts on rape attempt made on Arti Singh, says 'Would have chased down the man and cut his private part'

In 'Bigg Boss 13' these days, the family members are going to meet their loved ones. In such a situation, you remember that Aarti Singh, the contestant of the show, had told that in the past, a housekeeper had tried to do a lot wrong with him. Yes, at the same time, this revelation has shocked the audience as well as their family members all over the world and everyone was surprised after hearing this. At the same time, Aarti's sister-in-law, Krishna Abhishek's wife, Kashmira Shah herself became very restless after hearing these things of her sister-in-law and she could not understand anything.

In such a situation, in a recent interview given to a website, she said, "These things cannot be taken lightly. These are quite serious topics. Unfortunately, Krushna and I were not aware of the incident, not because we were not concerned. We didn't know because we were not told by Arti. She was 13 and was living with Geeta aunty, who had adopted her. They brought her her up till she was 21, she came to Mumbai and that's when I came into Krushna's life. I met her when she was 21. Literally, she came to Mumbai 7-years-later and she lived with Krushna and me. We were in a live-in relationship, the three of us. She never mentioned this or may be she tried but may be we didn't know this is what she was talking about. Initially, we were very hurt and upset that she didn't tell us.

She further added that , "We were shocked, as all I wanted to do was to protect her. I am somebody who fights against issues like these and I can't take these things lightly. Obviously, I would have chased that man and cut his d***. But I feel helpless that I am outside and she is currently locked inside the house. But I am waiting for her to come out and I am waiting to take some action. More information, her mother will give you. Krushna is as shocked as us and he spoke to her mother. She told us that it was an attempt, but luckily she got away," Let me tell you that Krishna had gone to meet Aarti with her two children in the past and during that time Aarti wept a lot.

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