KCR's entry created a stir in MP! Many veterans may join BRS
KCR's entry created a stir in MP! Many veterans may join BRS

Rewa: Before the elections in Madhya Pradesh, news of defections has also intensified along with political rhetoric. Meanwhile, the claims of the leaders are also making a lot of headlines. Along with Kejriwal's AAP, Asaduddin Owaisi's AIMIM has already entered the state. Now KCR's BRS is expanding. Former MP Budhsen Patel, who recently left the BJP and joined the BRS, has claimed that many BJP Congress leaders have joined the party.

Talking to the media, Buddhasen Patel said that many big problems of BJP Congress, former MLAs, Mayors are in touch. All of them will go to Hyderabad on June 8 and join the BRS. 15 MLAs had gone to Hyderabad with me. Out of which 3 persons have joined BRS. On the coming 8th June, about 300 former MLAs, former district presidents, former district panchayat presidents, all former big leaders will go to Hyderabad and join the BRS party. In this election year, our party will give tickets to those who are former MLAs from BJP, Congress, BSP, SP. Such big leaders who are former MLAs, former mayors, former district presidents, district presidents will also be given tickets. We will form our government in Madhya Pradesh by contesting the elections and winning them.  

Buddhasen Patel, a former MP from Rewa, who recently quit the BJP and joined the BRS, also explained the reason behind the move. "I have left the BJP because of its activities and its policies. I was in the party for 10 years. However, the BJP's policy did not go down well. The BJP is harming the country. There is no difference between the BJP and the Congress party. That is why I have left the BJP and joined the BRS party along with my 15 MLAs. Patel said that even after 75 years of independence, problems like water and electricity still remain in Madhya Pradesh." Targeting both the BJP and the Congress, Patel said patel said that there is an agreement between the BJP and the Congress. The school was open during the Congress era. But when the BJP formed the government, the school was closed.

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