'Kejriwal is true well-wisher of Muslims..,' Muslim Fighters Club's open support to AAP
'Kejriwal is true well-wisher of Muslims..,' Muslim Fighters Club's open support to AAP

Ahmedabad: There is a lot of buzz about the Gujarat Assembly elections. Meanwhile, the 'Muslim Fighters Club' at Juhapura in Ahmedabad held a big meeting on Sunday (November 27), a week before the Gujarat elections. At the meeting, around 3,000 Muslim families pledged their allegiance to the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Amid chants of 'Nara-e-Takbir-Allahu Akbar' in the presence of a maulana who reads Islamic verses, the 'Muslim Fighters Club' announced support for Kejriwal.

Ilu-Ilu in AAP-Muslim:-

The 'Muslim Fighters Club' also raised slogans in support of Kejriwal and AAP in this meeting. One of the slogans was, 'Hath Me Jhadu Lilu-Lilu, AAP-Muslim ilu-ilu'. At the same time, for AAP and Muslims, Ilu-Ilu means 'I love you.' Actually, Ilu is used only for 'I love you.' At the same time, another slogan was 'Vote for Magi'. Maggi in this slogan means Manish Sisodia (M), Arvind Kejriwal (A), Gopal Italia (G), and Isudan Gadhvi (I).

Kejriwal takes care of Muslims all over the world:

The Muslim community gathered at the meeting accused Congress of taking advantage of Muslims. Imranbhai, who runs the 'Muslim Fighters Club', said, "The Muslim community has always been a victim of hatred and only Kejriwal is the real benefactor of Muslims. I spoke to my Muslim brothers in Delhi, and they told me that their condition has improved. Kejriwal takes care of Muslims from all parts of the world.'' He also said that Kejriwal also takes full care of Muslim refugees. Imranbhai, however, did not clarify what he meant by Muslim refugees.

AAP accused of settling illegal Rohingyas in Delhi:-

In January 2020, there were media reports that the Delhi government of AAP MLAs Amanatullah Khan and Arvind Kejriwal was systematically working to settle illegal Rohingya Muslims in Delhi. Not only this, but illegal Rohingyas are also illegally settled on about 5.2 acres of land of the Irrigation Department of the Uttar Pradesh government. The Khasra number of this land is 612. Rohingyas and Bangladeshi Muslims are living illegally on this land. The BJP has also been accusing the AAP government of Delhi that the Kejriwal government is helping the illegal Rohingya Muslims to settle in the capital and their Indian documents are also being made, so that these Rohingyas, despite not being Indian citizens, can vote in the elections.

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