Kerala: Legendary CPI leader Kanam Rajendran passes away at 73
Kerala: Legendary CPI leader Kanam Rajendran passes away at 73

Kanam Rajendran, the state secretary of the ruling Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPI), passed away at the age of 73 in a private hospital in Kochi. The funeral ceremony will be held on Sunday at 11 am. His body was kept for public homage at a hall in Amrita Hospital, where he died.
His demise marks the end of an era for Kerala's political landscape. Rajendran's pivotal role as the state secretary of the CPI solidified his influence within the party and the larger Left Democratic Front (LDF) alliance, a significant force in Kerala's political sphere since 2015.

His recent health struggles, battling diabetes-related complications, notably led to the amputation of his right foot, underscoring the toll his commitment to the party took on his health. Despite these challenges, Rajendran remained an unwavering force in Kerala's political scene, even requesting a hiatus from his party responsibilities due to health concerns.

Hailing from Kottayam, Rajendran's legacy extends beyond his tenure as the CPI state secretary; he was a steadfast advocate for the party's ideology, contributing significantly to its growth and influence in the region. His absence leaves a void in Kerala's political landscape, marking the end of a chapter in the state's communist movement.
Kanam Rajendran was known for his staunch dedication to the principles of communism and social justice. He began his political journey as a student activist and steadily rose through the ranks of the Communist Party of India (CPI) in Kerala. His grassroots-level engagement and organizational skills were instrumental in solidifying the CPI's presence in the state.
Beyond his political endeavors, Rajendran was respected for his straightforward and principled approach to issues. He earned admiration for his unwavering stand on various socio-political matters, often engaging in constructive debates and discussions to champion the causes he believed in.

Rajendran's demise marks the end of an era in Kerala's communist movement, leaving behind a legacy of dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment to the principles he upheld throughout his lifetime.

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