To get blessings of forefathers, use this thing while worshipping them

Sep 19 2019 03:20 PM
To get blessings of forefathers, use this thing while worshipping them

You know that Pitrupaksha is going on at this time and consider it very special for the people of Hinduism. In such a situation, nature has made saffron full of miraculous and medicinal properties and according to astrology, saffron is considered to be miraculous.

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In this case, according to astrologers, saffron is related to the planet Jupiter and by using it, inauspicious Jupiter gives auspicious results as well as peace of Pitridosh. Yes, with respect to the use of saffron, respect, popularity, success in job and business, and married life can be made enjoyable.

With this, it is said that by putting water and seven leaves of saffron in a copper lotus, giving water to Lord Surya Narayana leads to peace of Pitradosh. On the Thursday of Shukla Paksha, keep a little pure saffron in a silver or steel plate and chant the mantra of 8 Brihaspatiye Namah 108 times.

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At the same time, after this chanting, add a little Ganga water to saffron and apply this saffron tilak on the photo or picture of fathers in your house in the south direction. Keep in mind that while chanting this mantra, apply saffron on the forehead and throat of your children, because by doing this, the mind of the children will be studied and they will stay away from wrong associations.

If you want to get the benefit, then add water to saffron in the morning on Friday and write Shri Mantra with Saffron on two whole betel leaves and chant the ॐ Shree Shreeye Namah Mantra 108 times. After this chanting, offer white sweetmeats on one betel leaf and offer it in the Lakshmi Narayan temple and keep black sesame with white sweet on the other betel leaves and place it in the root of pipal.

Plant this sacred plant in Pitrpaksha, your life will be blessed

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