'King Cobra' came to the railway station to get tickets, seeing this, IAS-IPS said this.

The King Cobra is considered to be a very dangerous snake. Seeing this, the sweat of the good-wills is gone. In such a situation, when this snake appeared at a railway station, people were scared. His photo is going viral on social media. Several officers, including the IAS-IPS, have reacted to this.   

In fact, the King Cobra entered the station master's cabin and sat on his desk with fun spread. Seeing this, a person present there was afraid. In the photo that is going viral, it can be seen how the person is seen sitting on a seat away from the snake. Let me tell you that this picture has been shared by a person named @Happytohelp_007 on Twitter. The caption of the picture reads that a 6 feet cobra in Kota division is sitting in the panel room of the railway officer.  

However, there was no impact on rail services on the busy train route due to this. This station is crowded with thousands of engineering/medical candidates every day. Hundreds of people have reacted after this photo was posted on Twitter. Someone jokingly said that the King Cobra must have come to cut the ticket, then someone said that it must have come to investigate. Commenting on the post, Dhruman H. Nimbale, IPS posted in Punjab, said, "Who will deduct the ticket? At the same time, IAS Ram Prakash posted in Rajasthan wrote- "Let's at least come to get a ticket, otherwise these people usually travel without tickets. Many users have given funny reactions to this.

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