Kirti Kulhari doesn't see herself in Pink as supporting actress
Kirti Kulhari doesn't see herself in Pink as supporting actress

Kirti Kulhari was seen as Falak, the one protagonist of Pink. She is praised by audience for her role in Pink along with Amitabh Bachchan, Andrea and Tapsee Pannu.

But according to Kirti, Tapsee given more importance and presented main female lead, “I am one of the three girls around which the story evolves, and I support my two friends played by Andrea and Tapsee the way they support my character Falak in the film. So, we are all supporting each other. Girls in crises often do in life. We all play different roles and support each other, but are the protagonists of our own life stories.”

Kirti refused herself as a supporting actress by saying, “I don’t think I would be ok with being nominated in the ‘supporting actor’ category as I do not really understand the criteria and the definition of this term. I have as much to do in the film, if not more, as any of the other female characters in the film and if anything, my breakdown in the court scene is one of the major highlights and turning points in the film. So, I really don’t know why it should be seen any other way by anybody but as a lead.”

Kriti blamed media to percept the lead, “I think the industry runs a lot on hierarchy system and the media is greatly responsible for creating such a perception inside and outside the industry. I may or may not change, but I would like to stand by what I believe in.”

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