If you are unable to do Chhath this year, then worship Suryadev
If you are unable to do Chhath this year, then worship Suryadev

Chhath Puja is a festival in which the Sun God is worshiped. Chhath Puja is a festival in which Arghya is offered to the setting sun. It is believed that worshipping Suryadev and his sister Chhathi Devi during the 4 days of Chhath fulfils all the wishes of the devotees. Worshipping the Chhati Devi also fulfils the desire of wealth, children as well as good health. Skin related diseases are cured by the grace of the Goddess. There is such a festival of worship of Sun God, in which every person worships.

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Those who do not perform Chhath Vrat - those who cannot do Chhath Vrat should worship the Sun for four days. Sun god should be given water with copper pot at sunrise. Also, incense and lamps should be shown. Coconut water, fruits and sweets are offered to the Sun God. During this festival of Chhat Mata, you should be clean. As much as possible, help a Chhath Vrati woman around you. If possible, the fast should reach Chhath Ghat. Make jaggery and flour and make puris. After worshipping the Sun God, it should be shared among all.

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Arghya must be given both on evening and morning time on Chhath. Ask the sun god to bless your life. Blessing should be done by touching the feet of a woman or man performing Chhath Vrat. If you keep a fast on the sixth festival every year and this year you are unable to keep it, then you can offer your made offerings to the Chhatti Devi.

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