Kitchen Secrets: Keeping Coriander Green and Fresh
Kitchen Secrets: Keeping Coriander Green and Fresh

Coriander leaves, whether for dal or sabzi, are essential for enhancing flavor. However, keeping them fresh during hot weather can be challenging. Many struggle with coriander wilting quickly even when stored in the fridge. Here are some special home tips to help you keep coriander fresh for longer:

Steel Container is a Good Option

If you want to preserve coriander and prevent it from spoiling quickly, start by plucking the fresh green leaves. Place these leaves in a steel tiffin box or any airtight container. This trick helps coriander stay fresh for several days without losing its vibrant green color.

Store Coriander in the Fridge Like This

If you store coriander in the fridge but find it wilts quickly, try this trick. Trim the root of the coriander thoroughly as it often retains dirt. This dirt can harbor bacteria that cause the leaves to spoil quickly. Trimming the root helps coriander stay fresh longer.

Another Highly Effective Trick

To keep coriander fresh for an extended period, first pluck the leaves. Then, dampen a paper towel and wrap the coriander leaves in it. This method also helps coriander maintain its freshness for a considerable time.

Why Coriander Spoils

Many women store coriander in plastic bags or polythene, causing the leaves to wilt quickly due to lack of air circulation. If storing coriander openly, never use polythene. For fridge storage, ensure it's not kept uncovered as exposure to fridge air can also lead to rapid spoilage.

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