Kiwiuh has aced the game as a dancer, musical artist, and with his other online endeavors.
Kiwiuh has aced the game as a dancer, musical artist, and with his other online endeavors.

It is indeed incredible to know about all those individuals and professionals across industries of the world who go all in and make every possible effort in turning their dreams into a beautiful reality. It is amazing to know more about them for these individuals, especially from the younger brigade choose to go under the grind, face challenges, overcome them holding their ground and move ahead with becoming a more refined talent each passing day. This positive attitude and the quest to prove their mettle in all that they choose to lay their hands on have what taken a few of them ahead in their respective industries and have turned them into inspirational success stories for the world to know. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such youngster, who is increasingly getting known as a man of many talents; he is Calvin Lewis, popularly known as Kiwiuh, the one who has spellbound all as an artist and a rising business owner.

Wondering who really is Kiwiuh? Well, Kiwiuh has been a dancer who is known for always setting the stage on fire with his innate and pure skills as a performer. The Bay Area young talent, with his performances in music videos and live shows, has worked with innumerable artists in the industry and lent his talent to them. Some of them include Priceless Da Roc, Nef the Pharaoh, Heaven Marina, and DMAC. His performances enthralled even a few directors, leading the youngster to feature in several music videos. Kiwiuh is determined to make it huge in the world of entertainment and now music, where he is swiftly rising as a passionate musician and so far has given incredibly refreshing and upbeat tracks that are available across various streaming platforms.

Not just that, Kiwiuh is also developing his new clothing line called Kiwiscove, offering comfortable and stylish silk-lined hoodies designed by him. He also provides marketing help to global rapper e40 for helping him and his platform reach the next level of success. With doing so much in life, being a rising entrepreneur, a dancer, and a musician, Kiwiuh wants to impact these industries positively and contribute heavily to the growth of each of them in the coming years.

Do follow him on Instagram @Kiwiuh to know more.

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