Know some interesting and amazing facts behind the names of these famous foods
Know some interesting and amazing facts behind the names of these famous foods


Have you ever wonder that the food you grab has a story behind it. Well, you might have, but what about the history of those foods and from where they got their name is still unknown for you. So, here we are introducing you with some the dishes and also let you that how they got their names. Sounds interesting? Just scroll down your lappy's button to find out interesting stories behind the name of these popular foods that you have every now and then. Here we go.


The word 'Nacho' is originated in 1943 after chef Ignacio Anaya, whose nickname was 'Nacho' they are nothing but were simply fried tortillas that were covered with shredded cheddar and cheese.


hmmm! everyone's fav. Maggi the name is originated after Julius Michael Johannes Maggi, who is the inventor of precooked soups and Maggi sauces.


Everybody's yummy breakfast dish, it was named after John Montagu, who was an 18th- century English aristocrat, who wanted a particular serving of cold meat stuck between two pieces of bread so that he could have it easily without any disturbance.

Tunday Ke Kebab

Interestingly, this dish was originated from the disability of the maker (one armed chef Haji Murad Ali).Who made this dish which is soft and aromatic, with 160 spices, for a Nawab with no teeth.

Bloody Mary

The dish is invented in the year 1921 by Fernand Petiot in a bar in Paris, this soft drink earned the name after Mary the 1st of England due to her cruel deeds.`

Chicken Tetrazzini

This amazing dish was made in San Francisco and was dedicated to the opera star Luisa Tetrazzini.

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