Understand the secret between Brahma and Maya

Feb 14 2020 05:30 PM
Understand the secret between Brahma and Maya

Maya is the basis of human life. All that is seen in the world is Maya. But in this world exists. Apart from this, Maya is the power of Brahman, which covers the truth. Maya means - that which can be experienced, but has no existence. This is the name of the virtual world. It means a world which, despite being imaginary, appears to be completely true. At the same time, science creates a world with virtual reality and computer technology, which makes the virtual world feel real. At the same time, an artificial and three-dimensional atmosphere is created and presented in such a way that it is undoubtedly accepted as real.

It may be accepted as such, but in reality it is an artificial world or maya, which infuses our thinking and we believe that we are doing everything. Apart from this, science also says that the world is made of matter and the last unit of matter is atom or wave. That is, it is an electric current and nothing else. Happiness or sorrow, whatever we experience, is not anywhere else but in the world of thoughts and emotions, which is called consciousness. What we see and feel is like a supernatural computer program. Together we are running it. Let us tell you that virtual reality is a game or hallucination that we are all playing in our minds. The day the mind stops working, it will come to know that what we were thinking was true, it was just confusion and nothing else.

This confusion is the root of suffering. When we are successful in some work, then we start saying how capable we are, but the truth is the same. Even when there is good work, the same exists, which remains when wrong is done. All that is seen in the world is Maya. Actually, another name of the world is Maya. When we see an astonishing event, we call it Maya of God. Maya is the power of Brahman, which covers the truth. His place causes the illusion of something else, such as a rope leads to the illusion of a snake. Maya is the power of Brahm, but Maya does not affect Brahm. At the same time, like a game of witchcraft, Maya can confuse the audience, but is not confused. Therefore our sages and sages and scholars have said that one should stay away from Maya. We should keep on introspecting from time to time that Maya is not dominating our minds and minds. After all, it has been said- 'Maya Mahathgini Hum Jaani'.

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